How can we get you in class?

We miss you! Come back to us. You need to get moving. I’m working on positivity. The optimist in me says you’re coming because that’s what you tell me. The realist in me says you can show me better than you can tell me. So, get real with yourself. I’m sure you know the health benefits of movement and the risk factors created from a sedentary lifestyle. I know you’re busy. You don’t like to workout. You get home and you can’t even think about leaving back out. You don’t have anyone to watch the kids. You didn’t eat that poorly today. You don’t see the results anyway.  You’re stressed out and just don’t want to be around anyone. Okay. I get it. Now what? You still need to get moving. Carve out some time to come take a class with us. It’s not like working out. We’re having fun. We’re dancing. We’re learning breathing techniques that can help deal with stress. We’re meeting new people. We’re laughing. We’re losing weight. So…tell me. When are you coming?

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