Last week was great!

We had a great week last week. People showed up and danced. We are on our way. If you didn’t make it last week, it’s okay. Come this week. We’re here for you. We’re having an Open Mic this Friday from 10pm-1am, so if you have talent that you would like to share, let us know to put you in the line up. We want this to be our best Open Mic! We need you to participate, be audience members and bring your friends. Yesterday, we had an opportunity to do a Zumba Fitness demonstration that was well received. We’re looking forward to establishing working relationships with some of the people we met at the event. Here’s a deal for you. The first one to comment on this post will receive a five class bellydance punch card. If you’re a guy who isn’t interested in bellydance, we’ll let you designate a lady in your life to give it to. Ready! Set! Go!

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  1. Shari Gladney says:

    Guess I’m gonna be able to get these old bones a moving with some belly dancing. And I’ve got the belly for it–but not for long. I am having so much fun dancing with you guys.

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