Shari Got a Free Bellydance Punch Card!

Just by commenting on our last post, Shari got a free five class bellydance punch card. Remember to visit our blog for special deals you may not find elsewhere. Plus, you can find out about upcoming events, classes, fitness tips, and stuff that’s on our minds. On Sunday, we’re hosting a FREE Y-Me Race Registration Kick Off from 3-6pm. We’re inviting you to join our walk team, An Angel Named Mo-Dee. The walk takes place on Mother’s Day, May 13. Cost to register for the walk is $35.

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2 Responses to Shari Got a Free Bellydance Punch Card!

  1. Shari Gladney says:

    Yeah Me!! They told me to check out the blog and I got right on my phone after class.

  2. Maria Ellick says:

    I just like to said thanks again. I had a great time and your have a blessing. I will be back.

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