What’s a girl gotta do?

Ok people…whoever reads this…that is. What will it take to get more people in class? Prices are reasonable. Location is easy to get to. There’s street parking. Variety of classes. Great instructors. Friendly staff. What would you do to get people in?

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4 Responses to What’s a girl gotta do?

  1. Tonya Johnson says:

    I just found out about your location from a lady that I do weights with in the mornings. I was so happy to find another Zumba location near my house (I live off 76th & Stony) that I did a drive-by to find you. One way to get more people into your spot might be to do something with your Facebook page. I am a Zumba addict and both of the locations where I do Zumba have a heavy Facebook presence. Encourage your patrons to like you on Facebook and run your promotions there. Just a thought.

  2. Shari Gladney says:

    I’m working on three now but its not easy. You guys are doing a great job though. I’ll keep trying.

  3. Shari Gladney says:

    I come even when I don’t feel great. I listen to the women at my job: they run back and forth taking the kids everywhere they need to go. They run errands for everyone in the family; grocery shop; dry cleaning; for mothers and mothers in law; church; girl scouts; sorors. And you can’t find one hour out of 24 twice/three times a week for yourself?! If you women don’t make some time for yourself, you WILL one day regret and resent those that used up your youth. Come Get Yours!! You DO deserve it.

  4. Hi. We’re located near 87th and Stony.

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